Sunday, 30 October 2011

Review of Ravenwood by Andrew Peters

Review on 'Ravenwood' by Andrew Peters
Pub May 2011 Chicken House  
Arktorious Malikum, a young sewage worker, is on the run- a careful one, though, as he lives a mile up in the last trees in the world! The rest of the world is a metal landscape called the city of Maw, and every pound of wood is worth its weight in gold. Literally, so of course it's not surprising when High Councillor Grasp betrays them in all in a siege to cut down the trees for money; by some happening of good luck, Ark overhears their plan to destroy the Abrorium (the tree city,) and finds himself in another plan to save them all, ending in a bloodthirsty battle where he loses one of his most endearing friends- they win, but as the book says, it didn't seem like it.
This book starts off quite slowly, but then the pace suddenly Rootshoots (or accelerates,) and you find yourself gripped by the drama, mystery, tradgedy and adventure, as well as the humour entwined with it- the vocubulary is amusing, like 'a lot of hocus-crocus' and 'oakey-doakey,' but you had to laugh at the Rootshooters, especially Joe. I really liked the idea of it being in the future, because I think that deep down, we all know with the environment's deteriorating state, we can't go on for much longer before the rest of the world ends up like the city of Maw- it's only a tiny fraction of  the world that will stay like the Arborium, uncommunicating and tradition-using for thousands of years before it becomes interfered with.
Overall, a brilliant book, and my favourite bit was either meeting Joe or uncovering the secret of the dark, mysterious Ravenwood...
By Abi Pearce.

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