Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Review of Blood by K J Wignall

Blood by K J Wignall       9781405258609   pub Egmont Sept 2011

    I found the book greatly enjoyable, and it captivated my interest in a way that only a small proportion of the books I have read recently do. It presents a new and different take on Vampires, which I found very interesting. While most of the original stories portrayed them as evil, mysterious killers, and some of the more recent stories have portrayed vampires as privileged beings with an affinity for romance (not the sexual want for blood that the original Dracula displayed), this book is different. I enjoyed the new ideas this book brought forward, that being a vampire is most certainly not a privilege, more of a curse. I also enjoyed the way that the old stereotypes (weakened by garlic, no reflection and so on) are not conformed to. There is also a totally new idea about vampirism brought out at the end of the book, which I found particularly fascinating.
          The book starts off quite slowly, with lots of explanation, and little action or dialogue. There is an exciting passage in which you learn more of Will’s vulnerability to fire, but until around the 8th chapter, things have yet to pick up pace. The book does, however, get a lot more gripping further on. Will is plagued by strange enemies who seek to destroy him, but little does he know the truth behind these strange attacks…
          The setting of atmosphere in this book is incredible, as is the level of description used throughout. You can imagine each scene perfectly, as if it was being played out in front of you, with no doubt in how you visualise it.
The only criticism i can think of for the book is the slowness of the pace, but thankfully it picks up speed later on, and it is well worth the wait.

By Charles Powell

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