Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review of Six Days by Philip Webb

Review  Six Days by Philip Webb  pub April 2011  9781906427627

Written from the perspective of fifteen year old Cass, Philip Webb's colloquially-written Six Days takes the reader through a hunt for a mysterious artefact in a post-Quark War world. With a smattering of romance, the ultimate treasure hunt and alien-humans - what more could you ask for?

Following Cass, Wilbur, Peyto and Erin as they race to find the 49th flinder in the six days they have before the end of the world was inspiring. It is fair to say that few people have the courage to 'stick to their guns' as Cass does to the very end of Philip Webb's superbly written story and finding out what happens became not only desirable to me but necessary.

My only query is, 'What's next?', because Philip Webb will be much in demand following this.

by Becky Steels

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