Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review Gods and warriors Michelle Paver

Review of ‘Gods and Warriors’ by Michelle Paver

Pub August 2012 Puffin 9780141339269;

 Gods And Warriors (Gods And Warriors, #1)

                Michelle Paver’s eclectic mix of superstitions and religious beliefs, and the age old fight for survival of the underdog create a sparse world that is somehow still full of hope and rich in culture.
                As Hylas and Pirra came together against a common enemy in the Crows, I found myself rooting for them at every turn, irrelevant of the fact that you remain remarkably uninformed of the motivations of the House of Koronos and the part played by the Goddess in the fate of the young pair until the finale.
                This air of mystery Paver creates simply adds to the distance between the world of the story and the comfort of the sofa upon which it is read, and this allows ‘Gods and Warriors’ to truly capture the reader and impress upon them the importance of conviction and faith necessary to stay truly alive.

 By Becky Steels

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