Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review of Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes

Review of Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes
Walker books, 9781406336108, May 2012
  Hero on a bicycle                                
                                                           A review by Charlie Henrick age11
This is a story about a boy called Paolo and his family, who are living in Nazi occupied Italy at the beginning of world war two. After Paolo's farther left the family home in Florence life became boring for Paolo, that was until local partisans stopped him on his bicycle one evening asking for his help.
With the fighting getting closer to Florence and the danger increasing this is a nail bitingstory not to be missed.
My favorite character is Paolo, his life isn't so dull now that the is involved with the
Partisans resisting the German forces. Although this book took a little time to get into, by the end I was totally hooked and couldn't put it down.
I would definitley recommend this book to other children, especially if they enjoy danger, adventure and history rolled into one.
 Enjoy Charlie Henrick.

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