Sunday, 22 January 2012

review of Tempest by Julie Cross

Review of Tempest by Julie Cross 

isnb9780312568894. pub Jan 2012 Macmillan


With the immediate Shakespearean connotations of the front cover – star-crossed lovers and the ethereal quality of Ariel – Julie Cross’s ‘Tempest’ has a very large legacy to relate to.
However, the debut author does a fantastic job, with all the old-fashioned conceptions of love, loss, and mystery, but managing to also bring in a modern twist that causes the book to zigzag back and forth – not just in place, but in time!
‘Tempest’‘s mixture of the CIA, EOTs and parallel timelines succeeds in thoroughly preventing you from having any idea of the truth, or of which side you should be cheering for, but the relentless pace maintained throughout means it doesn’t take long to find out… at least in part.
Whilst the end is predictable in concept, the sacrifice that is ultimately made is as surprisingly brilliant as it is tear-jerking, and Julie Cross is going to become one author I just can’t get enough of.
By Becky Steels

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